Effective Partnerships

Our collaborations have had an enormous impact on victims’ safety and long-term well-being, and ultimately, on the way our community, communities across the nation and even the globe respond to domestic abuse.

In recent years, we have faced unprecedented challenges. But rather than weaken our resolve, together we have worked even harder as a community to assist those in need and strengthen our response to domestic violence. Within our work and partnerships, we have become creative, authentic, reflective and often fearless in achieving our goals. We name our mistakes, build on our learnings and ultimately strive to do better – which collectively we have.

Our collaborations bring together domestic violence programs, each arm of our St. Paul and Ramsey County justice system, culturally specific organizations, medical providers, government entities, spiritual groups, government and community leaders and activist, sexual assault organizations, community programs, diverse community members, and the voices of the victims we serve.

Our successes have been many and our need to do even more is undeniable.

We are diligent in our convictions to take our work to the next level – embracing our successes; our ability to challenge, listen to and respect each other; our pain for the lives that could not be saved; our joy for those lives we have impacted for the better, and our spirit that never gives up and believes that together we will create a better tomorrow.