Vision, Mission & Beliefs

Shaping a Future Free of Violence

The Saint Paul & Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (SPIP) exists to eliminate domestic violence, and the social and system responses which condone or allow its oppression.  SPIP believes domestic abuse is a crime and every victim has the right to receive safety through the laws and systems which are designed to protect them, and obtain the critical support and services that they and their children deserve.

Living free from violence is a basic human right.  Our work is not to accommodate domestic violence, but to end it. We are inspired by, are a component of, and strive to strengthen the spirit and advancements of local and national Domestic Violence and Anti-Violence Movements and the valiant work to end domestic abuse across the globe.

Our Philosophy

Victims have the right to:
  • Choose how they will respond to the abuse
  • Determine whether or not to stay in the relationship
  • Make their own choices
  • Access the criminal justice system
  • Receive protection through the laws that are designed to protect them
  • Obtain the critical advocacy, support and services they and their children deserve
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Live free from fear and violence
No one deserves to be abused, regardless of:
  • Gender or gender identity
  • Age
  • Cultural background
  • Spiritual belief
  • Socio-economic background
  • Mental or physical ability
  • Race
  • Partner/marital status
  • Sexual orientation/identity
  • Immigration status
  • Lifestyle

What We Believe

Domestic abuse generates an environment of genuine fear and terror.

It leaves in its wake a cycle of desperation and destruction. Domestic abuse encompasses physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and threats of violence.  Perpetrators of domestic abuse are responsible for their dangerous behaviors and their actions are an attempt to dominate and control another. Victims of abuse have the right to dignity and possess the capacity to make sound decisions, if free from the violence that obstructs those choices.

Appropriately and effectively addressing domestic violence is a life and death matter.

Societal responses that minimize or ignore domestic abuse allow it to continue and diminish safe options for victims. SPIP believes the elimination of domestic abuse and all forms of oppression requires continual examination of our own work, and society’s attitudes and practices.  We strive to be vigilant in how we value all members of our community and continue to educate and promote activism to ensure the safety and well-being of all.